Butterfly valves


Butterfly valves are the most common elements used to restrict and regulate the flow of liquids and gases.

IMP Armature manufactures wafer- and lug-type butterfly valves suitable for various pressure ratings (PN 6 - 25) and from different materials in accordance with your installation requirements.

The stainless steel plate and EPDM gasket makes our butterfly valves suitable for potable water systems.


Characteristics and advantages of our butterfly valves

  • Excellent flow characteristics.
  • Broad scope of application.
  • Extended lifetime.

Butterfly valve Art. 120


Butterfly valve Art. 120 DN 50 - DN 300 (DN 600)

  • Flanged wafer-type valve
  • All components replaceable
  • Basic design with plastic lever up to DN 100
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Butterfly valve Art. 125 - 126


Butterfly valve Art. 125 - 126 DN 50 - DN 300 (DN 400)

  • Lug-type flanged butterfly valve
  • Suitable also as end or discharge valves up to pressure rating ΔP max = 6 bar
  • Glued seal butterfly valve Art. 125 is suitable for pressure ratings up to ΔP max = 25 bar
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In order to provide our clients complete solutions to their problems, IMP Armature also offers beside its products high quality accessories.

  • Levers equippable with limit switches
  • Manual worm gear
  • Pneumatic actuator
  • Electric actuator



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