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Reliable partner in valve development


At IMP Armature, our fast and customizable development services aim to deliver the best possible solutions, helping you save on time and resolving problems.

Our development programme is divided into three main categories:

1. Improving existing products

By keeping track of new standards in the potable water and sewerage industries and through the use of modern computer software, we are able to continuously improve the structures of our products while simultaneously enhancing their mechanics as well as flow characteristics. A particular emphasis is placed on the visual appeal of our products.

2. Client-oriented development

Client-oriented development is driven by customer requirements and input. You, the client, participate in the development process by collecting in the market the information on product characteristics, and giving the final stamp of approval. In all development phases, the process provides for the technical and technological superiority of the product as well as compliance with standards in force in a particular industry.

3. Targeted development of specific product characteristics

When the installation of standard elements is impossible regardless of the cause (spatial, functional or other restrictions), the solution dictates the development of specific valves. This would for example include the production of large check valves and strainers as well as throttle and control valves.


Why IMP Armature?



At IMP Armature, the development and production departments are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a focus on development and an eye for international innovations, enabling us to adapt to even the most specific of client requirements. In co-operation with our clients and based on specifics and requirements, we always manage to readjust, or even develop totally new products for a specific market.

Extensive experience

We boast extensive experience in the development of valves. We conform perfectly to your requirements, collaborating with our customers in the search for the optimum solutions, satisfying all standards and regulations in force.

Fast product development

IMP Armature guarantees a short product development process, which is carried out in accordance with good engineering practices and in line with ISO 9001.